by Dowitcher

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Dowitcher is:
Ryan Ward—vocals, guitar, and percussion
Claire Zimowski—vocals and guitar
David McWilliams—trumpet


released August 6, 2016

Mixing by Ryan Ward with assistance from Douglas Laustsen and Jeff Pupa

Album cover artwork by Stephanie Vanicek
Album cover layout and design by Claire Zimowski



all rights reserved


Dowitcher Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Hole in the Sky
People in wolf suits flock in whether or not you want them
And I can’t see straight for the spin of all of their voices come in, coming in
I’ll find some big-breasted bird who’s gonna tell me all the rumors that he’s heard
That there tree is gonna die
If you know where to look, you will surely find a hole in the sky, a crack in the world
And we’re all gonna die
I could spend a thousand days trying to make you happy
And I could use one thousand ways to try to make you love me
But not a one of them will
And I’ll take a walk with you, and we’ll wish upon every shooting star
We’re gonna need a lot of wishes if we plan to make it very far
When we’re headed for the river, though the night is dark, I see you when you smile
As you dream upon the surface, I’m gonna hide under the water for a while
In my own little world, a moon all our own, a silent inverted song
In one little town; in my little town
Track Name: Higher Power
We record all our dreams, our sleeping patterns
I wake you in the night; I feel so rattled
Repair my synergy, my broken wires, and retransmit to me your higher power now
Track Name: Side Porch
So what’s your plan for going unnoticed?
Who’ll be the dummy in your bed?
You’ll take the stairs and use the side porch and drop into the night
Where do you go when you’re not thinking?
This house, these people don’t exist
You’re taking me down a lonely, dark road
It’s just a thing you like
At the edge I will lay down until the motormouths come around
By the fence I will do my time ‘til my time comes
How does it go when you’re reminded this form extends past your skin?
This night still has us caught in forever, ‘til the faint light
At the edge I will lay down until the motormouths come around
By the fence I will do my time ‘til my time comes
Track Name: Cold Walk
I told you something that I didn't mean
I said the future was red
I made a promise that I couldn't keep while I was safe in your bed
Lay down your arms; you don't need them
If you ever think you could believe it
You'll call it a day when you don't get your way
It's a shame; it's okay
I had a feeling that I didn’t need
I took a cold walk in May
I wrote a letter that you’ll never read
I didn’t throw it away
Pick up your feet and lead them
If you ever look back, you won’t leave it
You’re tired and afraid; don’t give up right away
It's a shame; it's okay
Track Name: Huhr
Track Name: Time
The universe is like a story that we are all reading at the same time
Track Name: Eternal Night
You’re walking down the road, don’t know which way to go
There’s only really one way you after all
You’re floating down the stream; you don’t know what it means
There’s only really one you can go
I would never have forgiven her if I were you
But then if I were either of you, I would do as you do
Would we dive into the water with all your clothes on?
Wait there underneath the surface?
Don’t come back ‘til dawn
Even if you’re right; even if it’s true, I would never go there with you
Even when they left—find somebody else—I could never be by myself
Even all the times we had were wrong
We only dreamed just a little
We only screamed just a little
We only cling just a little, a little too much
We only dared just a little
We only cared just a little
We were taught to be scared just a little, a little too much
We only cried just a little
Some of us, only lied just a little
We only grew up a little, a little too fast
We only prayed just a little
We only strayed just a little
We only stayed just a little, a little too long
Track Name: On Determinism
For everything that happens, there is a reason
And there is necessarily a cause for any cause resulting in an action or decision
And no one would suggest that we are immortal
So the ultimate causes of any event must precede the lives of agents involved therein
Track Name: Closure
Calling me when I’m at my most vulnerable
Calling me, deliberately as a means to an end
Let the matters fall to different hands
And time and again I’m fooled
There must still be something to lose
But no invention’s worth the ache I feel when I wake and I never moved
His eyes lit up; they were bittersweet
He just smiled and said, “How are you?”
I followed blindly down to the conceit where all of it came true
I tried; there’s nothing else to do
Calling me when there are no diversions left
Calling me, reaching deep for a small, hidden fear, what could not have been imagined at will
From the stairs I look down with dread at a conscious, blinking, severed head
I hold onto the sigh I heave when I wake and you’re still dead
Her closure came in the form of a dream
She just smiled and said, “It’s from God”
Then what was the purpose intended for me when it all became my fault?
I won’t say anything at all
The ropes are burning me
Why can’t I just let them go?
Track Name: Bereft
Where had I heard this wind before
Change like this to a deeper roar?
What would it take my standing there for,
Holding open a restive door,
Looking down hill to a frothy shore?
Summer was past and the day was past.
Sombre clouds in the west were massed.
Out on the porch's sagging floor,
Leaves got up in a coil and hissed,
Blindly struck at my knee and missed.
Something sinister in the tone
Told me my secret must be known:
Word I was in the house alone
Somehow must have gotten abroad,
Word I was in my life alone,
Word I had no one left but God.
Track Name: Hap
Time has turned itself against me
Back when we were friends, we’d make things with our hands
Now it runs while I stand
Sun, how did you even find me?
I was wrapped up in the cold, determined not to go
Now I’m fixing to leave home
And I won’t do everyone’s dance
But I want to take another chance at becoming who I was before I was me